Script Loglines

Below are the titles of loglines of scripts avail for option. Once a title is removed it is no longer available.
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Short, Horror - In this modern adaptation of the delta blues legend, a talentless Robert Johnson trades his soul for talent and fame, but fails to realize the sacrifices that accompany dealing with ancient spirits. Now he must try to outrun his fate – and the hell hounds on his trail.

Maureen’s Cathedral

Short, Drama - Who heals the healers? A pastor of a small cherish has been mourning the unexpected death of his teenage daughter Maureen. Still hurting, he attempts to return to a normal life, but struggles to interact with his friends and congregation. Longing to see his daughter again he returns to the church for refuge, only to find a stranger who changes his life forever.

Five-Hundred and Fifty Days

Short, Drama - A broken family attempts to reconnect for the sake of the child, but when the mother who is a struggling artist and ex-drug user asks to be more involved in her daughter’s life a father does deeper soul searching to do what’s best for not only their family but for his own well being; nothing is more addicting and harder to come down from than hope.


TV Pilot, Sci-Fi - An alien space traveler from a different dimension crashes into our 3rd dimension when his spaceship malfunctions on a standard intergalactic trip. In doing so he has left a gaping wormhole, allowing otherworldly threats to leak through. With help from a welcoming Earth family, they must seal the hole shut. If it’s closed too early Colton will be trapped here forever; too late, and planet Earth could be destroyed. Already a difficult task, things like technology, government agents, suspicious neighbors, and secrets also stand in their way.

Left Alone

Short, Sci-Fi - In an attempt to help a troubled co-worker with what he claims is a troublesome ghost disrupting his apartment, Emi offers to spend the night in his house; she’s far more familiar with ghosts and doesn’t scare easily. She quickly realizes that whatever is there with her is far worse than anything she’s ever experienced before.

True North

Feature, Drama - The gruesome murder of his mother buy his own father left Judd with an unsavory background that his small Minnesotan town will never forget. An orphan and loner for the last 40 years, Judd has no one close when he gets a bad medical diagnosis. But through a freak trucking accident he makes a connection with an unexpected stranger who is determined to show Judd a meaningful friendship before he passes on.

Feature, Horror - A town’s racist history has come back to terrorize them. A place once too dangerous for blacks to venture after dark is now haunted by the angry spirits of those they lynched and murdered. Targeting any white person who steps out in the night, they board up their doors and windows as soon as the sun goes down. What is the town’s dark secret? And how (and should) the entities be stopped?

Sundown Town